Get your car purring like a pampered puss

Modern-day engines are fantastically complicated, with hundreds of moving parts, electronic sensors and often a computerised management system. The engine diagnostic services we are able to provide you with will make sure your engine is running as smoothly as it should, and will identify any problem areas or parts of the system that can do with a bit of a tweak.

Engine diagnostic services are not just for new and modern cars. Even if your car has been around for some time, engine diagnostics will lengthen its longevity and increase its fuel efficiency.

We use specialist computer equipment

Running engine diagnostic checks is done using the latest in sensors, computer equipment and dedicated software. We can perform dozens of tests, all designed to make sure all aspects of your engine are running as well as they can. If we do find a fault, we'll advise you of the best policy for you to go about fixing it, although we can often fix minor issues for you there and then.

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