MOT Testing

Your vehicle needs a valid MOT certificate

If your car is over three years old, then you need to legally prove that it is of sufficient roadworthiness to be driven on the road. Every vehicle over three years old requires a valid MOT certificate and a valid certificate only lasts for a twelve-month period. You need to obtain an MOT certificate from a garage that has been approved to issue a certificate following a successful MOT inspection, which is where we come in. We can provide you with a thorough and comprehensive MOT test that will firmly establish your vehicle's roadworthiness.

We offer repairs following an MOT failure

Few cars, especially older models, sail through the MOT first time around. If we do fail your vehicle, we will give you a clear and precise explanation as to why we failed it and what you need to do to put things right. We will also offer to make repairs, but only after advising you as to how much the repairs will cost. We will only perform repairs once we have your approval to go ahead and make them.

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